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Cloth Mask Sales

We are offering sales of cloth masks to meet your needs for protection during the Covid-19 Pandemic.  We can produce most any quanitity, just specify your needs. 


For larger orders, we can work with you on design elements such as Strap Type (ear loop, tie back, combos, etc).  We can provide all one print, or random prints, etc.  Custom design is available only for bulk orders, and some requests may cost more. We can ship anywhere and can manufacture up to 100 masks per day.  For bulk orders, we can also send you one for examination, and can modify strap lengths, strap types, etc.  Just order one to start with, then once you are satisfied with the product, you can place your full order.  Credit cards are welcome, but will incur a 3% fee as the quoted price is our cash check price.

Contact us using the form below for a price quote on any custom orders. 

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After making 100s of masks for the community we have refined our design to be the most comfortable possible.  Our new design has a thin metal nosepiece to allow the user to bend it to conform to the shape of their nose better, ensuring a better fit, and more comfort.  The mask shape also gives the most comfort as it follows the contours of the face better than the rectangular style.  We make our masks from 2 layers of easy to breathe through cotton. 


The standard masks style uses a thin elastic strap to go around the ears. 

Options- We can also put 1 elastic strap around the bottom and one tie back strap for the top, or 2 tie back straps, or make them with adjustable elastic straps, etc.  Changes to our standard design may cost more so inquire for a price quote.  If you wish a custom patterned material, and can show us where to get it, or send it to us, we can discuss that cost also.

Disclaimer: These are not medically rated masks.  They are not N95, or any other rating and no warranty express or implied is given as to the protection from the Covid-19 virus, or any other airborne bacteria or viruses.  These are meant to fulfill the temporary need for cloth protective masks required by many areas and businesses, and will provide some protection against your sneezing and coughing on others, and some protection against airborne particles you may breathe.  But for medical grade protection, you will need to purchase an n95 mask and use it properly, along with eye protection etc.  User is responsible for ensuring their own safety & Alterations by Carla, and Carla Purcella and their family are not liable for any transmission of any infectious diseases, viruses, etc.  Do not purchase these if you require a higher level of protection.

All masks must be washed before the first use.  User is responsible for wearing and using their masks properly.  We will include a printable mask user guide for basic instructions.  You can print as many as needed from this PDF file.

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